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Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide guidance, inspiration, and education about fundraising for those with infants in the NICU, children with disabilities, autism, or cancer. 

Tammy's Grandson Russell

Russell, our founder Tammy's grandson

The NICU Funding Guide is available to download Free!

This book was written by Tammy Simmons, founder of The Funding Project, after years of research and dedication to collecting valuable information about ways to fundraise.

This book teaches families how to access funds and fundraise to cover medical expenses not paid by insurance.

Parents of infants in the NICU often struggle to cover medical bills not paid by insurance. If you or someone you know has an infant in the NICU, this book will be helpful in overcoming financial difficulties during this journey.

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What We Do

The Funding Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides the necessary tools, education, and inspiration to help families raise funds for products, equipment, services, and therapies not covered by insurance. We use a proven method that has brought relief and much-needed resources to parents, caregivers, and compassionate healthcare providers. 


By the age of 21, infants requiring NICU care and children with disabilities, autism, or cancer  need dozens of items or services to facilitate participation and independence.  Medical insurance covers some, but not all, of these costs, and families are frequently faced with out-of-pocket expenses that cause financial pressure and stress, and which sometimes preclude access to these important items.

We offer guidance on finding funding and overcoming these economic barriers.

We Provide

What's New?

The NICU Funding Guide

This resource serves as a roadmap to finding financial hope through generous giving. It provides valuable information, step-by-step guidance to fundraising, and a comprehensive list of organizations that can support your efforts in providing for a child with medical needs.


the NICU
Fundraising Care Pack


In addition to the book, we also provide families with the "NICU Fundraising Care Pack." By making this care pack available to every family in the NICU, we aim to alleviate their financial concerns and ensure that they have the support they need from Day One.

Melissa Copp

Mom of Calan and Lawson

Waco, Texas

"If only I had learned about this guide when visiting our many specialists in the Medical Centers we visited in the crucial early years. We could have saved ourselves so much grief, anxiety, and stress. I believe this funding guide should be a staple in all Social Worker's and Physical Therapist's offices so they can hand it to families coming in raising medically complex children."

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