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Meet Our Team

at the Funding Project


Tammy Simmons


For over 20 years, I’ve been teaching parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals how to raise the funds (free money) they need to provide their child with the equipment, products, therapies and services they need, that insurance won’t pay for.

I’ve worked in my family’s bike store, The Bike Rack, for over 25 years as an adaptive bike specialist, helping children with disabilities, doing fittings and evaluations on what bike best meets their special needs. ​I’ve been raising money for decades to support the charitable arm of our bike store, Project Mobility, a nonprofit organization. Through Project Mobility, I’ve been working with families providing adaptive cycling events and giving away adaptive bikes to those with disabilities.

I’m also the author of the Disability Funding Guide, the Autism Funding Guide, and the Cancer Funding Guide. 


In 2019 I formed the nonprofit organization The Funding Project. The idea came to me after a conversation with a mom. I was teaching her how to raise money to make her home fully accessible, and she told me that if she’d been handed my book while her child was in the NICU, it would have changed everything for her family. In that moment, I decided to make that happen. Since then, I’ve worked to teach our lessons on a larger scale by providing our guides to healthcare professionals at hospitals and to disability organizations throughout the country.

Katherine Reda

Event Director

Katherine is the Event Director for Project Mobility. She has overseen the growth of the organization’s fundraising events since 2016. Katherine oversees multiple signature events each year, as well as smaller fundraising activities and crowdfunding campaigns. She has directed multiple large community fundraisers leading to thousands of dollars being raised for those with special needs. Prior to assuming her role at Project Mobility, she directed events for a local animal shelter. She has a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management with a concentration in Meetings and Event Management.

Get to know me better: "I love working out! It is one of my biggest passions that started from being an all-star cheerleader the majority of my life, and a cheerleading coach for 3-to-8-year-olds. Before I discovered my love for planning events, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher.

I discovered my love for planning events by working at two different wedding planning companies while in college and shortly after. I should have known that being an Event Director was meant for me since the earliest memories I have are planning my birthday party six months in advance, planning my dog and cat's wedding, and coordinating a "Little Bunny Foo Foo" play with my cousins. I love everything about event planning, from the initial concept of an event to seeing it through the day of. Still, nothing beats the feeling of knowing the event you planned just changed the life of someone in need. I love knowing that what I’m doing is making a difference.


Melissa Burke

Education Director

Over the past ten years, Melissa has taught kindergarten, first, and second grades, and she worked as a reading specialist for a year too. She’s also worked with Project Mobility since 2002 and edited both the Disability Funding Guide and the Autism Funding Guide.  I always say: “Melissa knows my book backwards and forwards!”


She’s been fundraising for over 17 years and has handled grant writing for Project Mobility and Project Kindle. She’s run three very successful crowdfunding campaigns and overseen large community fundraisers.


Melissa commits much of her time and effort to raising funds to help families acquire adaptive bicycles from Creative Mobility (the adaptive bike department of The Bike Rack).

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