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By the age of 21, children with special needs use an average of 20 to 25 different products, equipment, services, and therapies to improve their quality of life and facilitate participation and independence.  Though medical insurance may cover some of the costs, families are still left with large expenses not covered by their policies. This causes financial pressure and great stress.

Course Description

Tammy Simmons is a funding specialist and the Executive Director and founder of The Funding Project. In her informational webinar, she provides invaluable information about her proven 13-step process, as well as her top three methods of fundraising to assist children with special needs. She shares her best tips, advice, and some of the success stories from her popular book, The Disability Funding Guide. It’s her mission to empower families to achieve their fundraising goals.

Learning Objectives

  1. Create a funding plan for equipment, products, or services (EPS)

  2. Identify 3 Funding Sources (not listed in the book) 

  3. Complete one application for submission to a funding source listed in The Funding Guide for an accessible vehicle, sleep-safe bed, and adaptive bicycle.

Note: Webinar will have CEU’s for Health Care Professionals


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