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The Funding Guide Series

Each of The Funding Project’s books serve as a step-by-step  guides through the same process that Tammy has been teaching for over 20 years. The method outlined in the guide is a proven process for raising funds that will improve your child’s quality of life and minimize the financial burden you face every day, whether from out-of-pocket medical bills or additional uncompensated needs.

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Though the technique is the same, the funding sources are specific to each situation.

What To Expect

If your child has cancer, autism, or is in some other way medically challenged, there are constant expenses and countless pieces of equipment, services, and therapies that can make a real difference and meet very real needs. But insurance doesn’t always pay the bill — for example, many insurance policies only pay for one wheelchair every five years, even if the child outgrows it.  

There are so many scenarios that leave parents torn and disheartened, wanting to provide what their children need, but financially depleted. 

Our books teach skills for identifying and obtaining funding for what their child needs. Many of the parents we’ve helped have raised thousands of dollars for additional equipment or services. Once they learned and saw how easy it could be, they were able to continue, asking for and receiving more funds that improved their children’s lives. 


What This Guide Will Do


The 13 steps in each of the Funding Source books will empower you to raise thousands of dollars for each and every product or service your child needs.

There’s a lot of money out there for young kids, but once they reach their late teens and adulthood, the same funding is no longer available. ​Getting started right away is important. Once you’ve completed the forum, you’ll have the ability to raise a lot of money that has no strings attached, sourced from the generosity of people who care about children’s needs. You won’t have to pay it back. 

Our books guide you through applying for and receiving money from various funding sources dedicated to infants in the NICU and children with cancer, autism, or other special needs. They also explain how to raise funds through community fundraisers and crowdfunding.

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